The Chuck Gaydos Home Page

I really have nothing to say, but everyone else has a home page.

Favorite joke:
Why do we use inductive reasoning?
Because it's worked in the past.
Favorite quote:
"Houston, we have a problem."
     - William Travis, 1836
Favorite movie line:
"It just doesn't matter!"
     - Bill Murray in Meatballs
because it applies to almost all real life situations.

Where I work, Flying Buffalo, Inc

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Steroscopic image. Make sure your browser window is wide enough to display two pictures side by side. Let your line of sight diverge until you see three separate pictures, then concentrate on the middle one.

I know, I need a better camera and a stable surface on which to put it.

Moving targets don't work well unless you have two cameras.

Some photography skill would also help.

Walkway. Large, simple objects, like sidewalks, work better.

These would be flowers if this were in focus.


A better camera.

Cropping works better than resizing. Some of the scene is lost but what's left has more resolution.